SEAL Environment air quality odour dust management Derek Schoehuys

SEAL Environment Ltd

SEAL is an environmental consultancy providing project management, assessments, statements and reports in support of planning and environmental permit applications (such as Pollution Prevention and Control or  Environmental Permitting Regulations regimes).

Based near Glasgow, SEAL Environment provides local and cost effective expertise in the ever-expanding and specialised environmental consultancy sector.

SEAL has an established network of independent professionals with complementary expertise in:

Air Quality,

Energy (Combustion) Engineering,

Energy, efficiency, carbon and ESOS audits,

Environmental Impact Assessment,


Waste Management,

Contaminated Land,

Environmental and Health and Safety Management Systems,


Ecology, and

the water environment.


We have experience working in the following sectors:


Small to large scale biomass renewable energy,

Waste management,

Chemical manufacturing,

Carbon fibre manufacturing,

Animal feed drying,

Waste wood combustion

Advanced Combustion/Gasification Technologies

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SEAL Environment air quality odour dust management Derek Schoehuys